Our history

         CE "EXPERT STATUS" was founded in 2001 according to the Law of Ukraine "On the Commodity Exchange". It is a separate, independent, professional structure.


We started to develop EXON project involving the best financial analysts, IT-specialists, layers, managers. This project started with creation of fundamentally new and innovative instruments for making decisions on the financial market of Ukraine. Our specialists directly took part of the development of one of market leader – “International credit bureau”.


Due to the effective use of new knowledge and financial modeling technology, our team conducted bank liquidation procedure of bank (JSC ‘Ipobank”). Liquidation commission is one of the first who offset all expenses of the State represented by Deposit Guarantee Fund and fully made payments to all creditors' claims of the bank. We have carried out Due Diligence and used lead management for sale of three commercial banks to new owners.


New knowledge and innovation in corporate government and financial analysis enabled to create and apply effectively corporate governance rating in the Ukrainian banking sector in partnership with McGraw-Hill (Standard & Poor's) company and to manage RA “Credit -Rating”.


During the last financial crisis EXON Team was one of the first who implemented fundamentally new technologies for resolving system problems in the financial market of Ukraine. Consequently, we have developed and implemented package management solutions for the sale of the insolvent bank’s assets, which are liquidated by Deposit Guarantee Fund.


For today, we formed wide investors and clients database, which enables us to offer you our services within the sphere of asset sales and purchases (including distress assets) using our best long-term experience of asset management. Sale or purchase of assets with electronic trade platform EXON is key to involvement the widest range of investors, fair pricing and transparency.

Наша мета - допомогти власникам проблемних активів знайти для них покупців або інвесторів, а інвесторам, які бажають придбати проблемний актив - запропонувати інформацію та професійну підтримку.